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Caste Masters

The UP Municipal election results are out and BJP has won. And people are going bonkers. At one end, BJP is taunting Congress for losing and losing very badly, and at the other side, Congress is highlighting that BJP has lost a seat / few seats in the constituency of Yogi Adithyanath / Keshav Prasad Maurya. Considering that this sounds more like that famous "Pass Persua Fail Perusa" from the movie Gentleman, I can happily ignore their rants as a joke.  It is the media coverage of the same is the one that gets my goat.
There is a moron who confidently concludes that "Yogi Adityanath has kept the BJP's vote bank of upper castes firmly with him as these results indicate.". And another moron has attributed BSP's victory to the support of Dalit-Muslims. Where do they get these inferences from? Are they having access to some information which even the Election Commission does not have? Has any one ever mentioned their caste when they vote? No one knows who an indiv…
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The Alcohol Prohibition Stupidity of Odd Even Proportions

How about banning sex to stop rapes in our country? That's how profound the talk about alcohol prohibition sounds these days. The trouble with all the talk on "Prohibition" is that these stupid ideas sound the most utopian. Exactly the same way as the way "Odd Even Scheme" sounds and turned out to be in reality. Not everything that sounds "morally right" is in fact morally right. When the talk should be about better monitoring than prohibition, we have the whole gamut of politicians of all colours, shapes and ideologies suddenly converging on one point - Let's Prohibit Alcohol.
What good happens if alcohol is prohibited? Nothing tangible. People will end up warming up to some other addiction. The only case against alcohol, and I admit that it is a very valid case, is that its addiction is destroying families. Now, for every one family that is getting destroyed due to the addiction of one of its family member, mostly the male earning member, there a…

Shut Up and Study

This concludes my three part rant on CA Course and the examination system. The previous two parts can be found here and here.

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Some time in late 1999 or early 2000, as I was looking forward to my CA Foundation Examination, I bumped into Raja Ganapathy (if I remember his name correctly), a senior from a different College (St. Joseph's, Trichy), CA Inter Student, one among the three or four students who had cleared the CA Foundation Exams some two years back in our town. 

There was the typical CA wannabe's question to him "Anna, is the exam tough? How to prepare? Should I study more than four hours every day? Where to attend tuition classes? Is it okay if you don't attend the classes? How did you clear the exam?" etc. And I got a response that I still rate as the best input I have ever received on studies. "I didn't go about asking others. It is not such a great puzzle that you can't figure out on your own. It requ…