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Worshipping the False God

What is emotionally the most painful experience - You losing your loved ones? Your trusted ones stabbing you behind your back? Your relationship breaking down? Lives of your loved ones taking a nose dive? You having a miscarriage? What else could it be? The answer would invariably depend on what one goes through at a given point of time.For some, whatever they have undergone would be the most painful. For a few, they'd just be glad that they didn't go through the hell which others are going through. 
Among the most painful experience can be the realisation that you have been fervently hero worshiping a false god all along. Nothing hurts your ego as much as you being proven wrong over an assertion which you were cock sure about. If that assertion was about your god or inspiration or hero, and later such god or inspiration or hero turns out to be any except that, get ready for an emotional extreme.
The thing with hero worshiping is that your value system and outlook on life and pe…