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GSMs Confused Theory on Australian Cricket's Conspiracy

First things first.
The purpose of this post is not to analyze why India lost the fourth test match against Australia at Adelaide. But why Australia took five days to beat a deflated India, when they managed to blow away the Indian team well within four days in the previous three test matches. And the third test match was done with within three days!
The following summarizes the conspiracy on the part of the Australian Cricket Team / Cricket Australia, and how India managed to beat them all!
Reason Number One: Cricket Australia saw that ticket sales were coming down. There were no advertisers. Revenue was affected as the matches were getting over within three or four days. Therefore, the Australian Cricket team was instructed to flog the dead horse a.k.a. The Indian Cricket Team, over five days, instead of the usual three or four.

How India Outsmarted Australia: By ensuring their pathetic performance in the previous three matches were not a "flash in the pan", but a burning lam…

The Recipe for Success

Now..... He was finally on the stage. Hundreds of people cheering. Thousands of eyes staring at him incredulously. The spotlight on him felt good. The brightness was blinding. So was the adulation. So were the claps. 
It felt strange. There was this brightness. There was this darkness around. In that darkness, it wasn't emptiness he saw. It was a world fullof opportunities. A world where you can succeed. Life isn't always about being booed or shooed away. It isn't always about failure. It isn't always about being ridiculed on your failure. You aren't a comedian. Even if you are, you can succeed. With success, you become hero.
He was one. Today. Atlast. "We welcome, the winner of the day's mega mega maha maha event, Mr. Chapram!!!!"
His already swelled body swelled even further. His friends were whistling. He could he hear it all.
Few Months Earlier...... "Do you know what it is?" "Ye.....s.... Sir." "What's this?" "It is …

You Don't Mess With the FinMan (Part Two)

[Continued from Part One (Click Here for Part One) Recommended: Read Part One before You Read Part Two]

Part Two - The Accountant "Its my turn!" He asserted once again, and started his dissection.
Round Seven : First Wicket (The Production Head) "I am starting with the Production Department. "What has been said, need not be repeated. What is unsaid, has to be said. The production capacity is presently stretched. The machineries will not be in a position to withstand such utilisation level. I am pretty sure, our Chairman will recollect the Machine Manufacturer's presentation couple of years back. They were very clear on one thing - The machine's capacity has been given as almost 20 tonnes on the assumption of utilisation throughout the year. But, any usage beyond 18.75 tonnes is not recommended. In fact, it is prohibited. If it is done so, a monthly maintenance should be done by engaging their services. I am afraid, our production manager is not aware of that.

You Don't Mess With The FinMan (Part One)

Part One - The Others

Round One: The Chairman "Welcome, Gentlemen!" The Chairman was addressing the meeting of the Board and the Department heads.
At 80, he still had loads of energy and spunk. A compulsive flirt with anything feminine, he was loyal like a dog to his wife. He remained so till the death of his wife. Once. Or till they were divorced. Twice. Rumour had it that he was hitting on the wife one of the Director of another group Company.
His sons have no control over him. And he has no control over any of his three sons. He almost 20 years back, around the time of death of his first wife, had segregated his 30 Plus businesses into three and handed over to his sons. He retained absolute control over only two Companies, primarily to keep him engaged and active in the business.
And another rumour had it that he was holding these two companies to attract attention. Another rumour had it that, these two companies were for the child he had through his erstwhile secretary, who…