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Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer?

Somewhere towards end of the movie, as the female lead's mother is shouting abuses on the male lead's family and threatening legal actions for the male lead impregnating her daughter, the female lead drags  her mother out of the house, and starts moving with a firm face. "I don't need him." She declares, as she walks confidently, with an air of knowing exactly what to do next. The scenes that follow shows that her family heads to Trichy and she delivers a baby. The freshness and innocence of the baby lends some happiness to all those who are watching the movie. 
And shockingly the happiness is short lived. The father of the female lead takes the kid and hands over the kid to an orphanage. The screen beams "Two Years Later", and shows the female lead cheerfully getting engaged to another boy, and the male lead happily flirting with another girl. 
And then the final four odd minutes of the movie displays the plight of the kid, and ends with the child crying…

Born in a Rotten Place

To put it bluntly, the current phase is the worst that I have felt about my country and its politicians and the powers that be. 
For as long as that I can remember, I haven't been exactly patriotic or felt proud at being an Indian. I don't even remember to have been expressed my anger or anguish as an "Indian". I have been mostly apathetic towards all the ills that this country is cursed with. Except for the occasional barbs and remarks on Government and Governance, which were essentially meant to be some kind of humour, I have never really felt anything about or for the place that I live in. All these are primarily attributable to my refusal to accept the Indian identity as a primary or even secondary one (Blogged Here).
My indifference was rarely affected by all that has been happening around me. But, the present Government and the opposition have definitely done enough to shake me out of it.
Disgust is probably the right word to describe what I feel about our politic…