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The Hedge

Prologue "Fucker! You son of a whore! Be a man. Be a real man. Fight me one on one. Fight like a real man with bare hands and clenched fists. Don't be a sucker. Throw it away, and stop being a bitch." He was screaming at man opposite to him and posing like a boxer. "Come on! Come on! You bastard." He looked at the other guys. "And you guys will know what makes a real man." "Are you nuts?" The man in suit was asking the screaming guy. He turned to his group of men. "He is nuts." He turned to the screaming man "Do I look like Bruce Lee?" Tut! "Do I look like sepoys of the yore?" Tut! "Does this look like a boxing glove?" Tut! Three bullets, one through the right eye, one through the neck, and the final one through the heart had ended the screaming man's life.

Chapter One - Now It was seven in the morning, and I had switched on the television, only to see every single channel beaming "happy one hundr…