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Ageing Fast. Furiously. And Funnily.

A line here. A sag there. Couple of bags around your waist. A generous paunch. And a barren head. These are not necessarily restricted to people who have aged. These are also for people who appear older than they actually are. The above description fits me well. I am Thirty Three and a Half, as I write this, and I can easily pass off as somebody who is actually ten years older than that.
Now, this has its own advantages. For instance, you can't get any older. There are people who say I haven't aged at all in the past five years! Why you may ask? I looked forty plus even then. See, you can't tell the difference between a hundred year old and a hundred and twenty year old. Its the same thing. It doesn't mean I didn't age. It only means that I was frigging old looking even then, and therefore, I am not a new oldie. I am just an old oldie. If you understand what I mean. - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -
Earlier today I did something which most of you think I cannot. Or at…