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Technology that is half a century old!

Brand Name long forgotten by billions!

Bike for long associated with goons and villains of the tinsel town.

Mileage that will make any Indian bleed through eyes!

Looks thats from Jurassic age!

These are what I have been hearing ever since I saw a big black machine thumping along in a narrow road.

The rider broad chested and heavy bellied. The typical large black sun glasses (Cooling Glasses, as he would prefer calling). Those golden (or gold plated) chains around his neck, a tough match for the Bullet's Chain.

I have never ceased to wonder as to where on earth a bike such as that was made!

My father, ever so proud of having riden a bullet in his heydays, used to say this "Bullet is the best". Then why the hell did he not have one?

Nine out of ten people, whom I approached to know about Bullet, more out of curiosity than out of any big interest for a big, black and ugly machine, gave me the proverbial ten opinions none of w…