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Mind is a Monkey


I don’t know why, but I had always dreamt of being an Autowala. There was something so very special about them. Starting from the way they dress, drive and their mannerisms, every thing was fantastic. Even Rajini Kanth had endorsed my view couple of years back. There were songs in their praise. Their ingenuity in loading a hundred or more people into that machine was simply mind-boggling. Autowalas take their machines through lanes inadequate even for rats and ants. Once while traveling in an Auto, the autowala overtook two buses by bisecting the space between them with clinical precision (we had only a centimeters’ width between the buses). My mind uttered only one word “Wooowwwww”. I decided that I will grow up and become an “Autokkaran”.
After a few days, I discussed my future plans with my friends at the bus stop. We were waiting for our school bus. As we boarded the bus, we noticed the new conductor. He was wearing a round neck t-shirt, over which he was wearing his …


“Praveen” “Ma’am” “Three out of Twenty Five, tujhe sharm nahin aathi? You are failing for the fourth straight time. You are not in class V or VI, you are at the turning point of your life. You are in class X … … …” The Hindi Teacher went on and on and on and on and on.
Praveen kept on looking at the floor, as our Hindi Teacher continued. “Look at me!” She screamed. “Lift your head and look at her. She will slaughter you if you don’t.” I muttered. “Life moves on, Sai. Failure cannot be end of life.” That was Praveen, the philosopher, to me. “Looking into the floor will not help you pass the exams.” There she goes! “Looking at your face also didn’t help me madame.” Without raising his head he muttered, heard only by me and Sam sitting in front of us. We laughed out loud.
Phoosh flew the test note on Praveen’s face. We went mute. Our Hindi teacher went berserk. She was fuming. That was the first time when he was manhandled by any teacher for failing in the exams. What he lost in marks, he made go…

Guide to Dudehood

I love watching music channels, this Channel V and MTV. Among all the different rib tickling shows they do, there are some shows which really helps me feel proud and superior.

Like the one in MTV (Wassup), in which Bani J and Jose went about asking spelling of different words, capital of our country, the Indian Pledge and the national anthem to the Gen Next. The reply were predominantly smiles, er.. i.e. no answers. Those few who had the courage to answer, gave this — Bombay had become national capital, “sare jahan se accha” and “Loose Control” was the national anthem, “belief” was spelt as “bilif”, restaurant was spelt “rastrnt”. And there was a rapper styled response as well - “Dude, why'd we nid to know tis? Tis’ India, and I know that. What mo’ I nid to know?” I certainly didn’t understand why he uttered that.
Channel V had a show called as GK with Lola Kutty, in which Lola Kutty went about showing a photograph of a old lady and asking different dudes and dudettes, as to who she…