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Playboy, Warrior and the Joker

The last of the “Holy Trinity” has retired. Batsmen world over, need not worry any further. Not that they were really worried of late, but still, for this man, reputation precedes.
Warne, Kumble and Murali – The greatest of all times. Three different bowlers. Leg Spinner, Leg Cutter and Off–Spinner. Unique in their style and attitude. Brat, Warrior and the man next door.

Blonde was the first to go. He had everything one would love of a spinner. Warne, the magician, will be remembered for his off–field adventures as much as his on field accomplishments. Seven Hundred Plus Wickets, Hundred Plus Women. Spoilt to the hilt, playboy would be the right term. This man surely knew to play ball perfectly than anybody else.
The greatest captain Australia never had. Had it not been for his off–field flings, his tryst with drugs and a rub with so called match fixers (ostensibly for sharing weather related information! He would have been better than Ramanan.), he would have definitely pipped Stephe…