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The Awakening

"Where are we going?"
"Where?" he looked straight ahead. His entire body was drenched in sweat. Sweat dripping into his eyes. He wiped off the sweat on the forehead and mildly squeezed and massaged his eyes. He had his eyes closed when he spoke again "Where? You want to know where?"
"No. Not exactly. I want to know why are we going non stop? And yes. Also where are we going? Why are we staying away from the main habitat?"
"Lodu.... You know the reason."
"Yeah... Partially yes. But you haven't ever told me the complete truth."
"Because I don't know what is the complete truth. I can only share what I know."
"But you haven't shared all you know." And looking into his chest, his pocket the place where the big man often slides a piece of paper, whose contents have so far remained a mystery.
"Now, kid... Don't you stare that way! It can be dangerous if there were lots of onlookers." There we…