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Aiming Zero

Often our responses, or the lack of it, to events around us defines our character, and morality. It also throws ample light on the level of maturity of a person. I also believe that a person of sound character is generally the least hypocritical, and they are invariably honest in both their personal lives and public lives. When one takes positions when it suits him, and prefers to "appear" neutral in the most cases, are precisely the sanctimonious fakes we can live without. They are also the most hypocritical, and hence one must avoid taking such sanctimonious hypocrites a bit too seriously.

On 7th December 2015, the Delhi High Court had vacated the stay on the personal hearing of the accused in the National Herald scam. This effectively meant that the Maatha G and Beta G had to appear before the Trial Court. The mud was on their face now. And the entire political world was suddenly hyper active and started taking sides. Accusations were made. Defences were made. Aggressive s…

The Rain Showed Us the Gods.... and the Sick Bastards

Chennai rains taught us quite a few things. Made us realize a few more. 

One, the City can rise when it matters. It doesn't need any empathizing helpful hands. People just go out and help others. Either they believe in doing good things just for the heck of it, or believe in Karma, and hope that these good deeds will help them later, or just that they feel obligated to offer and provide their help to others. Countless volunteers operating in groups, interacting with each other, reaching out to far corners of the town, without a photographer towing them, and none of them with any Government backing, just shows how much they care for Chennai.
Two, despite the tragedy around, the guys around cannot lose their sense of humor. Or "nakkal", as we call it. The countless memes that are floating around the net stands testimony to this fact. Some of these memes were plain funny, and some of them as acidic as they can ever be. Be it taking pot shots at the political parties (the one…