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Romantic Delusions

The recent mandate that AAP got in the Delhi Assembly Election has once again made me wonder where are we heading as a matured economy and country? The mumbo jumbo of the much abused "Religious Tolerance" can wait. That is, at the most, a political statement. And it barely has an impact on economics of a country affecting millions.
The kind of promises made by AAP is putting the electoral promises made by ADMK and DMK in Tamil Nadu to shame. I thought that only down South, people would be swayed by such "bribery", euphemistically called as "Election Freebies or Promises", till I saw the Yadav clan win the UP Election on the basis of precisely these kind of promises. And I realized that the day was not far away when even elections of Metros, generally dominated by the "Educated" and "Well Aware", will be fought on similar lines. (I don't hold Delhi anything more than a Metro. Its an overcrowded metro. The Assembly Election is slightl…