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Khamosh and the Lamb

Now now! What do we have in store for this 2014 Lok Sabha Elections! Now that the Prince a.k.a. Mr.Right a.k.a. National Leader has atlast opened up (or did he?), we can draw some conclusions and make some observations.
First things first. I believe Justice's slaughter of the Lamb roughly 14 hours back was the last thing the Grand Old Party wanted. Starting from Diggi Raja to Vetti Kattiya Tamizhan to Maun Mohan to Desh Matha to Mr. Zero Loss to Mr. Motor Mouth to everybody in the Grand Old party would have seriously hoped that the Lamb had stayed silent a bit longer. That would have enhanced the "enigma" or "mystery" or "halo" surrounding the Prince, and they could have kept on promoting the Youth Icon as the most capable future leader of the Country, and the unifying factor of various communities.
One thing is for sure. All the parrots would now be peppered with questions from their near and dear on how they, the parrots, kept on holding the Prince as…

Tutoring Troubles

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops - Henry Adams
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I read that statement a long back. Don't know where or how. But it stuck with me since then, even though I never knew the author's name till I purposely searched for him. It stuck with me since I knew it was the truth. Even today, substantial portion of my beliefs, traits and behaviour, I can trace them back to my first heroes and teachers.
Knowing is one thing. Realizing is another. In an interaction with arguably my closest associate, professional colleague, friend and confidante, Sundar Raman, he was pointing out the extent to which people like us, the tutors or teachers, have "influenced" the students attending our classes. "We pretty much shape their thoughts on almost everything - right from the way they learn, what they study and learn, their views on the subject and profession and a whole lot of things." 
It is true. People like us…

Open Letter to the President, ICAI

Dear President,
The substance of this letter is the state of examination and evaluation system of our Institute's qualifying exams. The recently declared result is just the tipping point, and not the substance of this letter. Let this communique not be misconstrued as demanding a revamp merely because the results have been pathetically low. This open letter would have probably been drafted still, even if the results threw out an extremely student friendly outcome of say 100% Pass.
Before I move on to present my points, I would like to state that I have been a firm believer of assertion that you get only what you deserve. A person who got "100 Marks" deserved that "100 Marks". And a student who got "0 Marks", deserved that as well. As someone who got both the above extremes during my academic days, I have maintained the above assertion with a certain degree of understanding and conviction.
I also would like to make it clear right at the outset that, I ten…