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Vision and a Buffoon's Desire

These days everyone seems to have a "vision". If you want to be somebody, you are supposed to have a vision for the future. More profound it is, greater your image is. And if you don't have a vision, you cannot be considered to somebody of substance or importance. And many people have this firm believe that if they have a "vision" and share it repetitively with all and sundry, they automatically reach greatness.
My own personal take on this is that many buffoons have no idea what a vision is. They are consumed by the word due to the aura attached to it. They are taken away by this storm of "Vision Documents" floating around in the web. There is this Vision 2020 propounded by our Past President Shri APJ Abdul Kalam. There is this Vision 2015 explained by the Medical Council of India. And there are lot of such vision documents that one can have access to.
My own understanding of the idea called "vision" isn't perfect. But then this post isn&…