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Redefining Depravity

So, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan take part in the function organized by Mukesh Ambani to felicitate Sachin Tendulkar on him reaching yet another milestone. This is no news. Because, nothing is interesting about it.
A spate of other celebrities attend the function. Again no news.
And then Salman Khan attends the function. Ah! Now we have something spicy to dish out to the audiences to dumb them down even further, and boost our television ratings. After all, Salman was Aishwarya Rai's ex, and they had an rather well publicized and acrimonious split.
So, you ask your camera men to focus on Aishwariya Rai and Salman Khan for over an hour, trying to check if they are looking at each other. Try to capture some reaction from either of them when the other speaks on stage. Then you edit them, clip them together, fog the area around them, so that the focus is only on these two. Add some spicy masala background music, and voila! You have "BREAKING NEWS" type of mater…