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Need for Speed

Note: This is my attempt at Prosetry after being inspired by JRSD's Post. If you are expecting any regular / proper poetry, you may stay away. People exposed to "poetry" may find this boring or even mildly amusing.

Through narrow lanes, he rode his steed
Its legs had constant company in his feet

Everytime blood rushed to his head
Green ambered and then shouted red
Honkers go bonkers blazing sound
Beggars, Hawkers and Peddlers fly around
The din was no music to his ears
Their wail no longer brought any tears
And he waited and waited on his steed
Its weight firm on his planted feet

The blazing red went inviting green
All the racer boys could be seen
Vroom and vroom and vroom and vroom
The drone that broke the din of gloom
His eyes were wide, and lips had smile
Even though, he knew, it was only for a mile
And he raced his steed, and raced his steed
Its galloping legs, had no company in his feet

Zipping zapping, he rode and rode,
He was experiencing heaven on road
He reached eighty in a quarter …