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GSMs Theory of Reading Maps and Distances

"The inspiration for Einstein for his findings on gravity was an apple that fell on his head while resting under a tree." I remember reading somewhere. Or being told by somebody.
Greater things are understood and greatness realized in certain occasions which are often termed weird and strange.
This piece of post which will throw new insight into the way we should travel to save time and minimize cost, in these days of high fuel prizes and low economic growth. Findings contained in this post are copyrighted, infringement of which, knowingly or unknowingly, will result in the reverse of this wonderful theory being applied on the violator.
I realized this great knowledge and the secret key to economic prosperity, which is presented to you in the form of GSMs Confused Theory of Reading Maps and Distances and Travel Techniques.
Look at the above map. Delhi is in the North, Madras aka Chennai is in the South. Bombay aka Mumbai is in the West, while Calcutta aka Kolkotta is in the E…


Note: It is among the first of my blog posts, posted on Rediffblogs, four years back. This is essentially a repost, with very few changes. Though I have edited a few paras, inserted a few more points, deleted some, the theme has not changed one bit.  The language and tone of this post can be offending to a few. Those super sensitive souls may stay clear, and read lullabies instead.
Reservations vs. Merit Sometime back, I received an SMS forward on reservation. A jab it was on reservation. Crude, dry, witty and controversial. Completely humorous to the persons who are the receiving end of these government policies. And for those who benefit, it was slander on their icon. Or new icon, I should say. Pretentious and fake one at that.

I heartily laughed, for it made an entertaining read, and also fuelled my thoughts on reservation, both the pros and cons.
I would like to quote a few real life situations, of which I was part of / or am aware of to present my views. No offence to intended to any…

Trust, Belief & Then

"So, you don't believe in God?" "Nopes! I believe in people." Riya was responding to her female colleague's question. "Hmmm. I'll tell you. From my experience, you don't lose out by believing in God, but believing in people... thats different. It isn't nice always." "Really? My experience tells me otherwise."
He was looking at her. He looked at the clock to find the perfect time. All the three needles fusing into one. Twelve Noon. 'Coincidence?' He looked around, and found everybody working. A few were on the phone. Some faces had smiles on them. Some were stern. But everybody was working. A deadline to meet in three days. And here, in the next cubicle, the debate of atheism vs theism. What a loss of productivity? He cursed himself, at the hypocrisy he was exhibiting. He looked at Pandu. Pandu was looking at him. They exchanged glances, and nodded at each other. Pandu looked tired. He remembered that both of them had arri…