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Convention vs Law

Watching the debate over Ashok Khemka's transfer Headlines Today on 16th October 2012, one could not help but feel frustrated and angry with the way in which this Congress Government and its loyal poops defend the undefendable and literally take on the victim of their actions as the wrong doer. This is not new. Most of us have already come to accept this as the norm the way this Government operates. But the Ashok Khemka episode was even more shamelessly blatant.
KTS Tulsi, a Senior Advocate, practicing at the Supreme Court, was one of the member involved in the debate with Prashanth Bhushan and Ashok Khemka himself along with the host Rahul Kanwal. At one point in the middle of the debate, KTS Tulsi accused Ashok Khemka of acting scandalously, and playing the martyr's role to launch his political career in the future. "This is unbecoming of an officer" he thundered. 

When questioned why did he call Ashok Khemka as scandalous and unbecoming of an officer, Tulsi responde…

The Week That Was

The past few days have been real interesting in Indian politics and media. Am not talking about the issues, but reactions of certain individuals to many of the issues. It falls right in the middle of stupid and audacious. A bit of both more often. A few of which will stay with me for real long time are the ones listed and commented below.

1. Rape Happens Because Men and Women Interact Freely - Mamta Banerjee
I believe "M" will be on top of any such lists prepared by anybody who follows Indian politics, even if only occasionally. Commenting any further on this particular statement would be giving this statement more importance than it deserves. I know there will be lot of noise over Mamta's statement on the media (if they do find time and space in the midst of all Vadragate and Khurshidgate). I do know one person who will concur with Mamta's view. But I do wonder what would be her view on "free" interaction between men?
2. It is a very small amount for a Centra…