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Ayn Rand's Cult Classic


Either you love it or you loathe it, there is no other way with this masterpiece. If reading this classic is a tough task, living by it is even tougher.

Very few novels leave a lasting impression on a person's mind (and not his heart). It may be for the good, or it may be for the worse; but seldom have we come across a book, a fiction more particularly, which, apart from keeping us engaged throughout its narration, will transform the way we think.

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is certainly one such cult classic.

Those of you, who would swear by Sheldon or Jackie Collins, would find it far too boring and meandering in the first 50 pages. No sleaze, no action, and therefore no fun.

Cross the first fifty pages, you will probably for the first time of your life, experience some sort of stimulation of your mind. This classic is all about economics, the truest social science.

It is all about being human, not the brittle nature, but the tremendous ability and mind po…

Chaste Hypocrisy

When did you last openly admit that you love having loads of money in your purse?

Probably never.

Why is that? Hmm! Let me list out reasons

You don't like money? Hell No!
You don't want money? No!
Probably you are a saint, and have no interest in material things? Yes, err, No.

All of us have used one glorious phrase all along our life "filthy rich".

I have this phrase ever since I was a kid. Though the word rich was familiar to me since I was five. The word Filth was latin to me till I was 12.

When somebody makes good money (meaning loads of money), we call him filthy rich. Why not clean rich?

And one of the most common verdict about man who made money is "A man who is mad about money is immoral."

Yes, this is the right reason. A man who is mad about money is immoral. Or is he immoral in truth? Well, no he is considered immoral by the society of which he is part of.

Don't we all love a bit of respect from this society? When this is the case, how dare one take a ri…