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The Unnecessary Evil

"In every age the vilest specimens of human nature are to be found among the demagogues".  Thomas Macaulay
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I wouldn't dilly dally on who is the vilest man in India right now. It is Arvind Kejriwal, incarnation of purest form of evil - unadulterated and incorrigible. The reasons are many, some can be explained with facts and some with analysis. But he inarguably represents the worst of human faculty, and how a bit of position of power and public acceptance, can actually make a man viler than he ever was.
This anti-corruption messiah is anything but that. I don't know if he was this way all along. His Wikipedia page does carry an entry on "Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership" in 2006, which in my view has generally gone to highly deserving people. I can't even say if Arvind Kejriwal is an exception, but I can say with enough amount of certainty that he is unfit to be a leader of anything, including animals, leave al…

CA Examinations and the Language Conundrum

At some point of time, all of us would have heard an assertion on the learning approach that "Children learn the best in their own language / mother tongue." Countless empirical studies on this subject is available on the domain, including published reports and detailed statistical analysis, with one common persuasive conclusion in most of them - It is indeed better for a student to learn in their own language or mother tongue.
In the Indian context, the Consultation Themes on New Education Policy issued in 2015 emphasises on the following in this connection -
a. Part XI of Policy Consultation on School Education - Deals with promotion of languages 
b. Part XIV of Policy Consultation on Higher Education - Deals with promoting cultural integration through languages.

My point of interest is the one pertain to school education to begin with. The Higher Education focuses more on cultural integration, rather than medium of education. The Part XI of Policy Consultation on School…