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Lets Reward the Losers, Failures and Scoundrels!

When the Government policies indirectly promote and reward mediocrity / failure, you don't have anything for them except swear words and abuses. And it doesn't matter who heads the Government.
Example 1: You pay the taxes, albeit belatedly, you pay interest. You don't pay up your taxes, you are given the option of settlement by paying just 40% of arrears! An oft repeated scheme to reward the unscrupulous bastards. Recently came across a piece of information (Though perfectly believable, I can't vouch for its accuracy) - One of the so called settlement scheme formulated under the Income Tax Rules, had one very senior minister submit his hitherto undisclosed income. Nothing wrong about that except the fact that (a) He was the one who formulated the scheme; and (b) He was among the last person to declare under such settlement. Enna koduma sir idhu?
Example 2: You pay your loans properly on due dates. No rewards for that. You don't pay the loans, then bank comes to you f…

On Private Matters of the Pant

The lights were lit, some songs started playing, and the cinema screen flashed "interval" and the hall started emptying out. And discussion started on the movie, lot of which revolved around the heroine's cleavage, and what a view the hero would have had from such close quarters. And very little discussion around her acting abilities.
The men were ambling out of the hall. A few of them rushed to the loo. A few to the food court queue. A few were just doing some mid movie review and giving marks out of hundred. And the remaining ones didn't even budge from their place in the hall. Either sleeping or being financially prudent.
Among the men going to the restroom, these two were the last. Their walk to the restroom was marked with silence. They entered the restroom to find all the closets full. As is the norm, they positioned themselves behind the two individuals answering their natural calls. And as it often happens, by the time they could actually step into the clos…

A Veil's Wail

In you, I see What I don’t want to see Painful memories of past Reasons for my anguish Part of a life I have lost
In you, I see What I want to live for The purpose of my life The reason for my smile The cause to come out my trife
In you, I see The product of lust and love In you, I also see The memories of that lost love

With you, I am Worried about the future unknowns Scared of your question in tons Living a life, tormented by past Living a lie, a Life full of farce
With you, I am Enjoying the sun shine Hearing my laughter again Going back to my childhood Relieved of my agony and pain
With you, I Live and jive. With you, I also Hide and Lie.

In things that you do, I see A bit of him and a bit of her The demons of the past Streaks of violence and a bully And all such things that shouldn’t last