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The Initiation

It was a March evening. Night to be precise.
We had been and were breaking our head and sweating guts for the event next day. "Fest-O-Com", or "Festival of Commerce", the inter-college competition conducted by the our college's Commerce Department, for commerce students from other colleges. Lots of things were not yet decided, such as who will give the Welcome Address, contents of the Convenor's Address, which we were required to prepare and get the approval from the Department Heads and other faculties.
And everything was to be ready by the 7.00 AM next day! And it was less than 10 hours to go.
There were guys working in lots and groups in different directions on different things. Entire stage was decorated and set up by the students. No third party contractors. Designing, erection of structures, everything was being done by students. Chairs were organized and security arrangements made only by students. Considering the ruckus that was created couple of years…

Heal the World

"Next". The new English teacher said. She was known to be a very strict one with the shortest fuse for indiscipline.
Ram Kumar a.k.a. RK stood up for his turn.
"Kurmaa!", somebody yelled. Ram Kumar turned his head to know who was its source. His face was red. But the damage had already been done.
Entire class was in giggles. Even the teacher couldn't help but smile. "Keep quite" was all she managed to say. "Come on RK. So what is your chosen topic?" It was the elocution competition, and the participants had to choose their own topic for a change. Generally, teachers used to select the topics and restrict the choice to three - "Television - Boon or Bane", "India of My Dreams", and "Father of the Nation". But this time around, this new teacher, had different plans.
"Television - Boon or Bane? madame". Kurmaa muttered, and at the same time there were sounds of palms hitting foreheads.
"Are you asking me? …


To consider this post as a solution, would be incorrect, as I offer no solutions. Equally inappropriate, it would be, to consider this as a vision, for I am no visionary. Nor is this my dream, for I am not sure if I would constantly pursue this as my purpose of life. Ideal would be to call this as a desire, which borders on hope, and which will have my effort at a pinch levels. Even better would be to call this post just as the heading conveys - finding or rather exploring possible detours on the road to peridition. . . .
This is the result of a chain of thoughts whose source I am not able remember, not that it matters. But I get this thought, whenever there is all this hype surrounding any examination results. As always, I wonder, if it is so very important, knowing very well, it was so, to me, on that day. Even if ONLY on that day.
As it is generally, the results had me pondering over the education system, and more specifically its relevance to career choices we make.
A person who I ha…


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall"  

Oliver Goldsmith's above words have been my companion for quite some time - cajolling me, inspiring me, prodding me, waking me, helping me focus - for over four-five years (since I was around 13). Those words had never failed me. That was because I had never failed miserably or fallen hard before. 
I had generally been high on confidence, to the extent of parading around with absolute nonchalance. Even when the confidence hits a slight trough, those words had never failed me. Be it sports, or academics, or other extra curriculars, these words had always helped me stay calm and put my best foot forward. 
These words had helped me scale my first mountain, my class X exams. When even of my own teachers had little expectations on me, and atleast couple of them thought that I may barely scrap through, these words had motivated me, and made me do well and in the process, break couple of noses as well.…