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Common Wealth Games!

"The executive council of the IOA observed that the presence of Hooper has not proved beneficial to the Organising Committee. Instead, he has only been an impediment to the functioning despite spending two years in Delhi. It advised that the Organising Committee write to the CGF recommending Hooper's repatriation from Delhi on an urgent basis to allow its smooth functioning," said Kalmadi, the chairman of the Organising Committee.
Kalmadi further said that technical review committee, as recommended by CGF president Mike Fennell, would lead to multiplicity of authority. "We are ready to add some more experts but there is no need for a committee. We are already submitting a report on the progress of the games to the Prime Minister and games federation so there is no need for another committee" Suresh Kalmadi
If he has really been an impediment, Hooper atleast has got a place to go away from India. Where will Kalmadi go? MF! Twenty Years, and all we have won the…

What I Got on "A Wednesday" Night

What else, a but a movie.
Or is it Thursday? Well, I am sure it started on a Wednesday.
I don't exactly remember when was the last time I watched a movie all alone, because thats when I watch them thoroughly, savouring every moment and every scene, looking deep, trying to understand the character, significance of a scene, etc.
"Unnaipol Oruvan", is the remake of "A Wednesday", that impact of a movie starring ever affable Naseerudin Shah and "Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Hyde" kinda actor Anupam Kher, you love him or hate him based on the movie you have watched.
What one experiences while watching "A Wednesday", is a sense of awakening. You don't feel energized (a la Jackie Chan movie), but warm, with a sense that even we can be true hero. No, its not in the way, an ordinary man beats twenty baddies with brawn, but the genuine "Common Man", whose brains energized by raw emotions, can outsmart to eradicate evil. Powerhouse performances from the …

Infertility! Where?

Kowshic was, or rather “is”, my first kid. I consider him so as he was the first baby whom I had an opportunity to handle (sans the nappy changing part!) and play around for a long time. I loved him. I adored him. I would have destroyed anything or anyone that even remotely tried harming him, for he was pure.
Pure goodness, genuine emotions, infectious smile, innocence untouched by vagaries of our politically correct lifestyle in public, rank opposite in private. Isn’t it the reason why we love most of the babies? I, for one, haven’t had any repulsive feelings towards any babies. I find them cute. All the people I have been around also feel the same. So they have told me. So far so good.
This post is not about Kowshic though. It is about our love towards toddlers like him.
How genuine it is?
Often, the true character of a person comes out in times of grave crisis. One such crisis in personal life, which I see in quite a few people, had thrown this thought at me, couple of years back. Thou…