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Super Steve! iSalute you.
Despite the fact that I've never owned any of your products. Despite the fact that I don't think you were the world's greatest inventor. Heck! I don't even think you really invented anything. May be I am wrong.
I know for sure that you didn't invent the Computer. The Japs had revolutionized the world with portable audio with their walkman. You didn't even invent the mobile phone. Online music download had its origins much before your hair started graying. As the attorneys for Samsung recently pointed out, Stanely Kuberick conceptualized the idea called Tablets in his movie "2001: A Space Odyssey". Then why do people around the world had such a wonderful regard for you? Why the heck did / do I admire you?
I can't talk for others. I can surely talk for self.
Why do I admire Sachin Tendulkar? Did he invent anything in cricket? Is he the first entertainer on the cricketing field? Is he the best that ever was? May be yes. May…