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She was the first girl, I had chased. She was also the first girl who had chased me. She was my first soul mate for she was the only one in the entire class who used to play with me. There were no inhibitions between us. We played as long as time would permit. We played as long as people would permit. Though I was barely five, I knew that I will marry only her, when I have moustache some time later, for I was madly in love with her. After all, what is life without play? Who better to play with other than her. My definition of love was just that. Play.
Only later did I notice all those uncles and aunts of my street, my area and those among my relatives, and my own pop and mom, that they were not playing with each other. Often they would engage in the verbal version of world wrestling entertainment. They came together, went together, but never played together. If they don't play together, why were they together?
Only then did I realize that simply because you love playing with a parti…