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Ball, Bat, Bails and Life Lessons

My heart was missing several beats over the past five minutes. It would have missed even further. It was choking as well. The one that didn't miss, was pounding hard. Wasn't able to breathe easy. Couldn't even manage a smile. Anxious and nervous. The face stoic. Almost expressionless. Deceptive.

As I watched the monitor, I looked at the digital chrono on the screen. Another 7 minutes for the scheduled close. There! Another beat missed. And then came the final blow! And the heart exploded to a joy. I looked around. Nobody there. I managed a smile.

Five days of agony. And India had won!

For those who don't understand what that means, "Welcome to the life called Cricket." For those who say "Cricket? And Life? Bollocks!", I have just two words "Fuck Off!!!" And my middle finger to you as well Mr. Bernard Shaw! Some asses with a gift of words, seldom have gift of sense.

Cricket may not be the most beautiful game, for it is not about gimmicks and sh…

The New King

"Afridi comes from an era, a cricketing culture, where ball-tampering is considered a normal cricket activity, the done thing on flat Pakistani pitches - an art form and not a sin. It's been a part of the Pakistan team's standard operating procedure." Ramiz Raaja in ""
"Normal cricket activity!" "Standard Operating Procedure" and "An art form!!!!!"
What's this hare-brainer upto these days? If this is "normal cricket activity", I wonder what they call bowling and batting and fielding as. Standard operating procedure?!!!! Of Pakistan's team... Figures... Yeah! It figures........
And art form? Know what? Art is what Mr. Ramiz Raja does.The ultimate artiste if ever there is one, it is him. His 'artistic' way of speaking and supporting a 'Pakistani' cause, has remained fabulous as ever.

Was reminded of his commentary in a match at Sharjah between India and Pakistan. All Rounder Agarkar…