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Peer Group Teachers

I have had the fortune of studying under some of the finest teachers. Totally selfless and sincere to the boot. I often recollect what one my school day teacher once told - "Your Efforts. Your success. We are just tools. An assist, like your book. Use it wise, you succeed. Use it bad, you lose out." Even today, I reiterate this point to my own students. A good majority of my own learning I can trace it back to specific teachers from my school. College was good. The teaching personnel bit more friendly. But nothing matches those teachers from my school days.
This post isn't about my school teachers or college teachers though. This is about those peer group teachers, who teach you something which you'd be using it day in and day out. Something that would have made you a far more better person or improved person, with that extra skill or knowledge. They patiently would have trained you or taught you all those little things, which may not seem bigger or better, but you…