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Just Beat It

What a coincidence that I referred Michael Jackson (MJ) in my post, only to see his obituary the next day? I am not going to dwell into that. Neither am I going to ramble about how good he was or how bad he was, in his personal life. Nor this post will do anything remotely as to pass a judgement on the morality. This is all about the little connection my life has had with MJ, or more specifically his songs. With lots of people sharing their emotions online and in person over the punitive genius, here is my share to that - a small one, but emotional it is.
The first I heard of Michael Jackson was just before my teens. The first song I heard him sing, completely, was Black or White, in one of music videos in MTV, the very first month, we had a Colour Television with Cable connection. That was January 1998.
I never used to listen to any English Songs. Not that I did not want to, but did not have an opportunity. Even the little I heard through Radio Channels, or at my uncles place (mostly B…