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The Land Act Divide

The recent amendment to "The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013" by way of an ordinance has once again put the spotlight on the debate of "Agriculture vs. Industry" and "Agriculture vs. Capitalism" etc.
Referred to, in some quarters, as the Brain Child of Rahul Gandhi (most notably by himself in the now infamous interview), and which I don't believe, the 2013-Act was considered to be India's homebrewn answer to the century old, archaic and patently anachronistic legislation of the troubles caused by a nineteenth century legislation. As with any such legislation, which reflects the policy of the Government in power, this legislation was welcomed and abhorred by people on different sides of the argument. 
Your side depends on which side of the political divide and debate divide you belong to, or atleast you believe in. The constant accusation against the legislation was that it is …

Open Letter to The Council of ICAI on Articleship

To The Central Council The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Greetings on the eve of Pongal / Makara Sankaranthi!
Within the next couple of weeks, there would be the customary election for the Vice President and President for the third and final year of the 22nd Council (present disposition) before the elections for the 23rd Council kicks in, and we would have a new set of Council Members at the top of the ICAI's decision making hierarchy. 
With the the Elections to the 23rd Central Council Elections and for various Regional Council looming large and with barely eleven months ahead, I request your goodselves to sit down, and pass a resolution (unanimously) and issue diktats to all the contestants and the CAs in general, on just one thing - Not To Engage Articled Clerks for Works Other than Audit Related or Office Related Works. And definitely not for Election Campaigning. And not for engaging in personal works. Not for pamphlet distributions or telephonic calls. 
The Trigger Th…