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Bank(o)rupt Practices

Experience = Best Teacher?
US is still grappling. Greece was almost knocked out dead, only to be saved by a strand. Italy has already shaken the world over. Spain is already cornered. Portugal, Japan, France are in queue. Japan is no longer the athletic economy it used to be. Often standing still and sometimes contracting, with the frequent natural calamities not being helpful either. Pakistan never had an economy. Russia always had only a black economy. If reports are to be believed, with the retirement of China's golden generation, it will house chunk of world's pensioners. Though they are paid, there is no productivity, and hence China may even struggle to grow, leave alone the frentic pace it is known far. Despite devaluation of their currency. Despite their military threat. Despite their new found expertise in arms trading.

Half the world economy is still in tatters.

Who is next on the hit list? India? May be. We may still escape. It depends. On lot of things. Which are &quo…

What's odd about "Paanch"?

What is odd about "Paanch"? Is what it portrays so wrong that it does not warrant even a "A" certificate from the Indian Censor Board? Are its content so extreme and graphic to deem it unfit for consumption by the Indian public? Are Indian's so much averse to violence of any sort? Consider the following reason from the Censor Board (as available in the wikipedia link on "Paanch") -  The film never got a theatrical or home-video release. It has been refused a clearance certificate by the censor board, twice. Both the refusals to release this film were made on six grounds - the film glorifies violence; it shows the modus operandi of a crime (killing of a police officer); it shows excessive use of drugs; it has double meaning dialogues (with sexual undertones); it has no positive characters; it does not carry a social message.

The object of this post is to look at the movie and counter the objection of the CBFC. Before countering each and every one of the…


It was all ruins. Wires and bricks and steel rods were scattered around. Heaps of rubbles were loosening, for the earth was shaking beneath. I was scared. And motionless. The gust with all its might was blowing hard, carrying with it, particles of various sizes from the rubble around. The atmosphere was one of death. The grey sky didn't help my feeling. I hid my eyes behind my arm, as the wind started blowing savagely.
Knowing, rain could not be farther, I looked around. The rawness of human flesh scattered around started becoming visible. The savage sound of people screaming for help was audible. I looked around further to notice hands and heads popping out of the rubble waving for attention and help.
The grimness was aggravated by a flash in the sky. It was almost blinding. And what followed was the most ferocious and fearsome grumble of the thundering sky. And the sky poured all it had. In tonnes and tonnes. As I looked up, water splashed on my face. And I screamed.

And I woke up…