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Reality Check One: Arvind was just an average student. Not the high flier type, and certainly not part of the “rock–bottom redefiner’s club”. Bloke was more into athletics. A record breaker one. Topped the school events. Won the champion’s medal (for having won three first prizes). Redefined excellence at zonal levels.
Academically, he was just an average student. Come his class X examinations, there was this slow metamorphosis from being a timid student to a brilliant intellect. He couldn’t believe his results. He was the school topper, when nobody had visualized him even in the top 50.
How could this happen? Was it because his entire life depended on that Class X examinations? No. All Arvind wanted was to just prove a point. Being good in sports does not mean bad in studies. He can handle both. Whom did he try to prove this? Just to himself.

Reality Check Two: Being the shortest in the class, meant continuous overpowering by others in the class for Maharaja. It also meant continuous ji…