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On Sexual Assaults and the Dress Code

The ever growing hysteria on dress code and its relevance or irrelevance on the sexual assault on women is something that nobody would have missed in our country. Almost every month, we read or see news on assault on women or molestation in public places, and the usual reactions from the general public and moral guardians of the society have become so regular that it doesn’t evoke any more emotions now, as it used to do. Anger and frustration have been thoroughly replaced by apathy.
Two sides to this entire “masala show” on televisions are two sets of mindless idiots – The Women Activists and the Moral Guardians, and neither of them really care to listen to the other party. There is a downright disregard for the other’s point of view. Any point made by the other is ridiculed or vociferously argued against, with the sole intention of proving it wrong. Listening is a virtue nobody seems to have. With the most media houses playing politically correct host, by downplaying the issue and ove…