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Irresponsible Aspirations?

Most youngsters these days are cursed endlessly for their irresponsibilities. Give them a bag full of cash, they would first spend the money on useless stuff like latest gadgets (smartphones, earphones, media players, LED televisions) and accessories (some sheep leather wallets and briefcases, watches etc.), instead of saving them in Bank Deposits or investing in Gold, Land, Properties etc. They are cursed for opting for a depreciable motor vehicles as against investing in an ever appreciating landed properties.

Typically, the receiving end of these curses are happy go lucky young chaps in their mid twenties earning bagful and in the giving end of those curses are people aged twice that much. The people in the middle would busy managing their lives, and spouse, and mostly wouldn't be in any mood for any of this nonsense. Or may be they are preparing for the fifties syndrome. Since, as you age, your own sense of importance, and your assessment of self keeps on increasing. Typical sy…