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Inexplicable Leader and His Apostles

I have always wondered how or why many political parties operate just on the whims and fancies of its nodal leader. The whole party literally literally surrenders itself to the supreme leader and almost deifies him or her.The middle rung leaders appear mostly ornamental. Just to make up the organisational structure or numbers. They are practically devoid any political authority or decision making powers. They exist just to appease their supreme leader and hope for the grace of the leader, and be anointed into some position of perceived authority.
More I look at parties, the only answer that I get is this - such parties survive only because of its supreme leader. The vote is never for the party, it is always for the leader. The second rung leaders just pawns. Non entities. They owe their position to their supreme leader, and his / her whims. This does not mean that these second rung leaders do not enjoy any power. They do. But the authority that they exercise, and the power that is on d…