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Modi, Skull Cap and Appeasement

Damn him if he wore. Damn him if he didn't. Is wearing Skull Cap an act of appeasement, but not wearing some other types of Caps is not appeasement? It is not exactly a question worth national debate. But one that needs an end as soon as possible so that the argument gets directed to more relevant issues. 
The answer is - it depends on the person, and the context. If Modi was seen wearing the skull cap, people would argue that he is trying to reach out to the Muslims, considering the albatross around him. And people would still say that these kind of tricks will not absolve him of his "sins", and that he can't "fool" people with these gimmicks. 
His attempts at displaying "unity and universal brotherhood" with his Sadbhawana Fasts were pretty much ridiculed as an act of "reaching out" to his "perceived enemies". No doubt people would have pounced on him if wore the skull cap. 
If I remember correctly, this happened good two and a …

Why Not Modi? Saying Yes To Him (Part 2)

[Second and Concluding Part of the "Why Not Modi? Saying Yes To Him" Series. Link to Part One => CLICK HERE]
e. He Did Not Acknowledge the Existence of His Wife The most pertinent question in relation to this "latest" accusation - Why do Election affidavits require the spouse(s) name and details? Simply to get a full detail of the assets and liabilities in the name of spouse. In a country, where even the commonest man plans or evades his taxes by investing a portion of his earnings in the name of spouse or kids, the Election Commission knows that wealth of the entire family is under the control of the candidate. Therefore, it seeks to know the details of all the family members and their respective assets and liabilities.
Till the September 2013 Supreme Court directive on Election Affidavits, not just Modi many other persons have conveniently ignored many such details and have submitted incomplete forms. Most often wilfully. Manmohan Singh did not fill up this detai…

Why Not Modi? Saying Yes To Him (Part 1)

PART ONE This Election has degenerated into a slug fest involving all political parties. Every party is leaving no stone unturned, no punches reserved, and is actively engaging in a no holds barred verbal combat. Amidst all the cacophony, two things stand out - a. Every Single Party opposing BJP, or more particularly Modi, are working towards just one goal - Stop Modi. Stop Communal Forces. b. BJP and Modi is all about one man - Modi himself. 
Everyday, I find one or the other article quoting the above two by the respective sides of the political divide. This two part post tries to look as to why opposing Modi appears to be on a flimsy platform, and why he should become the PM of India. Having said that, Modi is second on my list of preferred PMs. The Iron Lady from South still ranks first. Atleast based on what I have seen in the past two years.
Knowing very well that JJ cannot become PM of India, and her own aspiration is nothing more than pipedream, it basically leaves us with just Mo…

Why I Won't Vote in Elections 2014

I will not vote in this Lok Sabha Elections 2014.
Voting is my right. And I don't want to exercise it. Yet again. I will not vote even if Kamal Hassan, a man who I greatly admire, requests people to vote. He has his reasons. I have mine.

For those who believe, voting is a "Duty" or "Responsibility", and are out with their daggers directed at me or tongues waiting to mouth the virtues of voting - please buzz off. I understand my constitutional right on voting. Voting isn't a great virtue to flaunt. Being honest and not paying bribe would be better.

Why wouldn't I vote? 
My vote wouldn't make a difference. Not in the sense that my one vote wouldn't affect the results. I know it can. In the sense that given the choice between rock and a hard place, I would gladly get on with my work. I won't vote for the simple reason the person elected, his actions, inactions, decisions, policies will not affect me. 

Secondly, the possible PM Candidates, neither in…