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GSMs Theory of Evolution

Its the evolution of man. So you know. Humans were stooping low, and slowly found the right way, to walk. They are turning pigs in some other. There are several variants of evolution of humans and men in particular.
This post in particular deals with one aspect. What does one observe? Notice carefully! As man has been evolving, there is one huge change? Guess what?
No, no! It is not his erect posture. He still stoops low. So low that he often smells his own.
Men are turning pigs? Er, eh. Hmm. Not really. They were always pigs. No evolution there.
Notice carefully. Observe. Something is getting shorter. No no. Its not his, er, hands. Hair....
As man has been evolving he has been getting shorter and shorter hair, and soon no hair at all. I meant on the face. More specifically on the head. Which means, a man who has fully evolved has just head. Not any forehead and all. Thats for history. And this forms GSM's Confused Theory on Evolution of Men. Men lose hair because they evolve. Pu…

Eating (IS) Out

My earliest experience at a hotel (in my parlance; to others it is Restaurant) has been pleasant. It was pleasant because, it was a new experience for me. Eating out. It was not a frequent exercise. It was very very rare.
The reason for such rarity was two fold - cultural and affordability. A scheme of things where by eating outside for the heck of it would be blasphemy, when you have a mom or wife who can cook. If you are bachelor, you are a curse on this earth which has seen Nala. Eating out was a strict no no more because of the financial burden it would put on your pocket. With little stream of income, it would obviously be stretching the purse too much at the cost of other necessities. It was, to put it crudely, privilege of the elitist class. And I am not referring about people with fatter wallets, but people with wallets.
Neither of the above reasons made any sense to me as a kid. I considered my father to be extremely cruel, for he was not taking me to hotels very often. Not eve…