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GSMs Theory of Evolution

Its the evolution of man. So you know. Humans were stooping low, and slowly found the right way, to walk. They are turning pigs in some other. There are several variants of evolution of humans and men in particular.

This post in particular deals with one aspect. What does one observe? Notice carefully! As man has been evolving, there is one huge change? Guess what?

No, no! It is not his erect posture. He still stoops low. So low that he often smells his own.

Men are turning pigs? Er, eh. Hmm. Not really. They were always pigs. No evolution there.

Notice carefully. Observe. Something is getting shorter. No no. Its not his, er, hands. Hair....

As man has been evolving he has been getting shorter and shorter hair, and soon no hair at all. I meant on the face. More specifically on the head. Which means, a man who has fully evolved has just head. Not any forehead and all. Thats for history. And this forms GSM's Confused Theory on Evolution of Men. Men lose hair because they evolve. Put it succinctly, men with less hair, are more evolved than men with more hair.

Self inflicted baldness such as complete tonsuring and trying to cover the hair roots by applying oil to artificially induce shine to make it look like a billiards ball is not a sign of evolution. It is a fakey. Leave it as such for one week, and truth will sprout out. Burst out rather.

If men are completely bald, they are from a different generation. From the future, that is. A person known to me once told of my sun sign. He was quoting Linda Goodman. That people in my sun signs are fifty years ahead in thoughts. We gotta be. We are from the future, aren't we?

He was telling me that we have antenna in our head to sense the future. Nuts! What would you consider a mobile phone with an antenna? Modern or Old? Since, there are no antenna, and we are more evolved than the rest of the mortals, and hence, we are probably a thousand years ahead. Naturally, we are futuristic.

For those hairy souls, Evolve!


Ketan said…
Aap ne toh mere munh ki baat aur sir ke baal chheen liye! ;)

But I won't snatch away the credit you should writing for this post. :)

Loved the "antenna"-thing!

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