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Peanuts, Monkeys and the Banana Companies

Why do employees leave an organisation? Having found company in a large number of my friends leaving their existing jobs due to myriad reasons, I believe some of the reasons that can be attributed to people leaving their jobs are basic. 
REWARDS "Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys" Being called a monkey isn't exactly a pleasant experience. Andrew Symonds would vouch for that. Or even the thought that somebody could have called you monkey isn't exactly a pleasant experience. How it would feel if you are treated like one? 
Money is definitely one of the most significant factors that plays on the mind of an individual before he or she decides to move ahead. There are lot of people who don't pay their staff their works worth at all. Especially at the lower level. It is no surprise that you find highest levels of attrition at that level. Often to the point of the income not being sufficient to meet even his basic needs.

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