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Eye on the Needle

Scene One:
The needle is touching 100.
I hear the air whistle.
I see the cloud drizzle.
I am all smiles.
And I look ahead,
On the emptiness in the road,
Shouting "I want more!"

Scene Two:
100 is touching the needle.
I hear my wear grumble.
I know I can't tumble.

I am all sighs.
And I look ahead
All I can see is emptiness, and no road,
Mumbling "How much more?"

Note: The above two scenes are essentially my Joy and Agony revolving around the number called 100. Scene One" describes the Bike Ride, where often the thrill of hitting the ton and maintaining it is shortlived. Whenever I get an opportunity, I try to extend it further. Though I am not a great fan of riding "crazy" fast.
"Scene Two" describes, uh, eh, er, mmm.. huh.. my weight issues. (Only in a weighing machine, the needle stays where it is, and number moves around)