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Rebooting AdZap

Two years back, In an inter-school competition I had gone to judge the AdZap event, I could see that the quality had not at all improved over the period since I was a college student taking part in such events. It was the same mimicry stuff imitating some actors, or doing some rap stuff for promoting a product. The influence of movies and sports was immense. It was the same "brand-ambassador-sermon" kind of ads that was thrown at the judges. There was absolutely no originality or creativity. The entire tamasha sounded so stale that I was literally searching for fresh air. Realizing at the same time, how stupid and juvenile our performances would have been then.
If the performance was stale, the format of the event was more mind numbing. It had not changed at all! Atleast the performance of the students had new cine stars being imitated and latest movie dialogues being mouthed, whereas the formats and rules for the event had not undergone one bit of a change. The same one minu…

Anatomy of Control in Workplace

In the recent past, have been listening to lot of my friends lampooning their workplace, and then starting to vent out their frustrations on their inability to make their bosses feel satisfied or happy with their work. This is despite them putting in monstrous efforts and pulling out magic tricks after tricks to meet the unrealistically set target. I felt sorry for them, but still I was wondering if my friends are exaggerating certain things.
A relatively dispassionate analysis of the workplace ethics made me draw certain conclusions which is what this blog post is all about. I believe, most times, the reasons for many employees leaving an organisation or working unhappily at the workplace, is primarily attributable to the kind of bosses they report to, more than the type of work they get. After all, every work is ultimately repetitive, and hence monotonous. The only difference being the time period over which such monotony sets in. 
Most bosses do indulge themselves in all kinds of act…


Continued from "History of Crushes - Part 1"

As much as the train journey offered solutions to my thought, it once again raised the old question - What exactly brings two people together, to love and to marry? What really draws them together?

How could I miss the reason for falling in love? As I traveled, I remembered lots of movies about boys meeting girls in a Railway coach. I looked around. Found none. Walked around, found a couple (of girls) who didn't interest me at all. I realized, I was looking for faces I already knew or have seen before. It doesn't matter even I had not met them in person or interacted with them earlier. And as I reached home, I was wondering why did I look for a face I already knew?

Thats when it occurred to me that the girl you are after should be from your own area. How could I miss this! In all the movies, the hero and the heroine were from the same place, but meeting for the first time in the train. It was not restricted to movies alone. …

GSMs Theory on Escaping Mosquitoe Bites

For the size that I am, my year old son's relatively lean appearance was causing quite some trouble for me. It made some people wonder if I really spared any food for him. And I promised that if he really gets a bit plump, I would believe God exists. And voila, within a month he had put on some flab all around his body and most notably on his face.
I had almost become a believer. I was gently reminded that those red things on his face is not a sign of any "glow", but mild rashes and swelling. Only then did I realize that my son has been the target of innumerable mosquitoes. And the god lost one more opportunity to make me a theist, and I got one more opportunity to remember I shouldn't trust my eyes without my specks.
So there goes my wife to a baby shop to buy a gorgeous looking white mosquitoe net which can be hung on a small lever and its ends would be put around my son's tiny little cot, so it defines his world and sleeping space. She was extremely proud of th…

On the 16 Hour Slog

Why do students fail in the exams? More specifically in CA examinations? What's the remedy?
These are questions that I come across every time the results are out. Some times from the student himself / herself. Sometimes from their parents. And often from my colleagues - both senior as well as junior. My seniors have been my own teachers. And my juniors, in a way my own students. And often, the argument veers into an ego battle, with each of us holding on to our posts and unleashing our horses. All of us can be correct. Or wrong.
Though I have often put forward my answers and reasons for the same, I have never really tried to put across them in a cohesive and articulate manner. I have never even put all the reasons together ever. Though I have always believed in each one of them. Partly due to me being a bit emotionally charged up when conveying these things, which over a period of time has been replaced with utter apathy for what's happening around.
And more often, in the recent…