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The Monkey Who Bought A BlackBerry

CAUTION! Please read through if and only if you are thoroughly jobless, and absolutely incapable of finding one. This "Fable" is for only those who dream. And just dream.

THE MONKEY WHO BOUGHT A BLACKBERRY "A Cathartic Story That Preaches As It Pukes" - Vavvalo Goyalla Gibbs was on his table, writing down something when he fell flat. I had never seen him even slump or slouch in his chair till that date. Working non stop for almost 300 minutes every day, inspiring all of us to find some way to work that much. Just that much every day for four days a week.
He had been working that way for the past four years, and leading our team for the past five, and still he could not find the success that was his before he was leading. Over the past four years that I have known him, he had turned from a cheerful person to a chairful person due to his work dedication. And I was his favourite understudy.
Among the team members, he had special "thing" for me and we had spent t…


Information One: Long back, in an episode of "Nayyandi Darbar", the host Yuhi Sethu had remarked "Heroes of a movie represent our dreams and aspirations ("abhilashaigal"). They don't represent the common man. Then who represents the commoner in us? Its the Comedian. It is him that we can relate better." [Not exactly in these words, but in spirit, it is the same]

Information Two: Couple of years back, Pradeep had shared his this experience at his office at Gurgaon. He and some of his colleagues (mostly South Indians) were discussing Tamil movies, discussing various actors and sequences from mainstream movies. His other colleagues weren't much interested, and some of them didn't even realize that such discussion was on. Then all of a sudden, a sizeable section of his team started taking part in the discussion, with all the smiles and laughter, shaking each other, and vociferously taking part in the entire talk.
What made them take part in the fun…

Beats on P & D

He looked at her. She was pretty. He realized that she was more than that. Well groomed. Dressed provocatively. He looked at her. She looked gorgeous, with her smile. He looked further. He noted the carefully exposed tattoo here, and a flank there. She looked hot. He looked at her again, in a way he didn't want any one to note. He looked at her, with thousand beds in his eyes. Performing thousand acts in his head. He looked at her again. 
And then, he took his pen, and called her immoral.