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Though I have been thinking on a post on this for over a year, was never very serious about it. Now is the time, especially after Sundar had posted on "Kamal Tea Stall". I am just sharing my thoughts and experiences on this wonderful habit of drinking tea and a list of best tea's I have ever had.

5. KAMAL TEA STALL, Kodambakkam, Chennai Though my favourite hangout (you may call it that way), it must shock some people that it is certainly not the best tea I have ever had. It is certainly among the better ones though. For the past seven years, in and around Kodambakkam, I am yet to taste anything which is half as good as the one that is available here.
There were times, when I used to stay at Madhuravoyal, I used to bike my way till Kodambakkam (travelling for around 10 Kms), just to have a cup of tea (okay okay! I can hear Deepa shouting at me - two cups, and sometimes three) on Sundays and other days when I am not at office.
The tea here is special because, you are given in …

On Anarchists and Monarchists - And a Fantasy

Though we live in a Democratic Country, I am not very sure if this is democracy at its best. At the national level, we are left with just two alternatives  - Devil's alternatives. (I don't regard the Third Front anything more than that round number which India gave to the world. To me the Third Front is like the Third Gender)

At one end, we have Congress, the Monarchists. And another end we have the BJP, the Anarchists. I am not into the bicker'Kings' at the State level. Lesser said about those parasites, the better. These things lack the values, respect and decency which even prostitutes and gigolos have. 
Congress - The Monarchists: Party which started, and is the epitome of, the practice of monarchy in the mainstream Indian politics, which it had originally patented. (Tamil Nadu parties are using its model without paying a wee bit of royalty. Sonia! Listening?). But for the BJP and the Communists, every other party follows this hugely successful model of political orga…

Respect - Missed, Lost and Found

DAY ONE . . . . 9.20 pm . . . . It was almost a 12 hours since I sighted 'respect'. I was aware of the fact that 'respect' was making its way today for almost many months, and was eagerly awaiting its arrival. I was in no mood to give it a miss, today, of all days, for it was the first day. 
Any new movie. First Day. Chapter should be closed. This has been my motto for some years now. I don't want any of the reviewers to influence my decision. I am my own reviewer. Today was that First Day. And I DIDN'T WANT TO MISS IT.

Especially when it has Vikraman weilding the megaphone. Especially, when it has Vijayakanth in it. Especially when, we have not one, but two Vijaykanth in it. Especially, when one Vijayakanth has that glorious wig and looks a shade older and delivers Krishna like sermons.
Especially, when their previous outing had been one of the greatest wonders of all time - wonder because it ran for 275 days in many obscure theatres in remote locations, with one …