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She is so pretty that she is more cute than beautiful. She giggles like an angel. The way she makes out her lips so cutely that it is “cho chweeet”. The twinkle in her eyes, conveys her intention to do some mischief unnoticed by the world around her. When she does something silly, she scratches her head innocently. When she does something wrong, and knows that, she looks around to see if she can escape unnoticed.
She is bubbling, energetic. She is loved by all. She is from the dreams. She is a doll.
And there he is. Watching her from a distance. Admiring her every move. Adoring her for what she is. He is proud of her. He is proud of himself.
Guys! Yes, you the readers. What do you think? Of the angel and her admirer. The angel, a five year old wearing sneakers, and the man at the dawn of grey and dusk of black.
Wake up fellas! This is not about any five year old or her father. This is about some teenaged sophomore from some college and a guy just out of college. …