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The Shadow Man

Sunil Gavaskar once said that his score of 236 shouldn’t be the highest score by an Indian in Test Match Cricket, considering the quality of batsmen India had around that time, with the likes of Sachn, Sourav, Rahul etc in its batting lineup. May be I have a selective memory, but if I remember correctly, VVS Laxman’s name was not in that list. And guess who broke Sunil Gavasakar’s record? 2001 – Eden Gardens. This phrase is adequate to pump a few ounces of blood into your head for ‘that’ kick.
When one is asked to tell then names of few of the finest Indian players ever, I doubt if Laxman’s name will ever find its place. For in the annals of Indian Cricketing History, Laxman may not be the most popular player among the watching public, for there was nothing graphic about him. His counterparts were far more glamorous and ostentatious. 
Sachin was, and is still, deservingly, the boy genius, about whom all of us go, ga-ga. Rahul is the purist's delight. An easy referencing play for any…

Shift to Death

"Pay your taxes. Hold Your Head High." A familiar sight for people who visit the Income Tax Department regularly. It is familiar even to people  travelling / commuting through that place. Requesting or demanding the Assessee / Taxpayer to pay up his taxes, because it is his responsibility is understandable. After all, the taxpayer / assessee should pay up his taxes.

What if he doesn't? Then whose responsibility is it enforce collection? Needless to say, it is the Government's, or more particularly the Income Tax Department.
To Summarize:  An Assessee or a Taxpayer's Responsiblity: To Pay up his taxes The Income Tax Department's Responsibility: To enforce collection, if the assessee not pay. 
So far, so good.
People who are employed or providing services on hire basis, would appreciate the following rant better than those who are eons away from any tax liability.
Let's take a small example. There are two people. "Chaddi" and "Buddi" (Please no…