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Common Wealth Games!

"The executive council of the IOA observed that the presence of Hooper has not proved beneficial to the Organising Committee. Instead, he has only been an impediment to the functioning despite spending two years in Delhi. It advised that the Organising Committee write to the CGF recommending Hooper's repatriation from Delhi on an urgent basis to allow its smooth functioning," said Kalmadi, the chairman of the Organising Committee.

Kalmadi further said that technical review committee, as recommended by CGF president Mike Fennell, would lead to multiplicity of authority. "We are ready to add some more experts but there is no need for a committee. We are already submitting a report on the progress of the games to the Prime Minister and games federation so there is no need for another committee"
Suresh Kalmadi


If he has really been an impediment, Hooper atleast has got a place to go away from India. Where will Kalmadi go? MF! Twenty Years, and all we have won the most times is "Most number of delegates and officals to the Olympics". What has this man done, except suck this godforsaken country of all its resources? Government changes in the Centre, but something doesn't, and no prizes for guessing what! Where is the goddamn fucking accountability? What about the treatment meted out to various state athletes at a National Meet (made to stay at Railway Coaches)?

Indian Hockey Federation has atlast started coming out of the hegemony of a bandit and his sycophants. When will the IOA be rid of these imbeciles and parasites? When will they speak some tangible, productive talk? Where is the decency, barging into a press meet of the CEO of CWF, and asking him to get out? That too on a national television.

If this bunch of ball sucking, remorseless filth has got the audacity to talk crap and intimidate all and sundry, give his own decision as that of the committees, how about some balls for answering some of these -

What about some medals? When will we look at "Gold Medals" as a sporting event, rather than a historical event? What has he done to ensure that?

Am eagerly waiting Kalmadi's next interview outlining his plans for an Indian Gold Medal in Olympics / CGF

"Foreign athletes are an IMPEDIMENT to our progress. Therefore, Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee has been advised to send back all foreign athletes."

Wow! What an idea, sirjee!


Ketan said…
I think you're going to do a WTF-hatrick!

My first response to this post was "Shit! When did this happen?" Alright, I shouldn't be shocked. It must be over 2 months that I touched a newspaper for reading! And 6 months that I watched any television! Too bad, they don't ask us what Kalmadi did in our exams!

With that kind of statements, he is only bringing disgrace to our country. Not sure but such statements could put off investors taking them to be signs of inertia of Indian polity against 'change'! LOL.

Now much to contribute here in comments. Echoing your WTF would be highly unoriginal, but then WTF! ;)

wise donkey said…
some things never changes..

on one hand the "public" and media get hysteric if a sachin or dhoni doesn't perform for 3 games in a row..and on the other side, we seemed to have leased out administrative positions, to politicians who don't perform..
G Saimukundhan said…
@ Ketan,

Hatrick? May be. Not sure what I'll post. Newspapers contain more pictures of completely clothed gun holding hooligans or almost naked celebrities (both men and women). Was disgusted when I saw Kalmadi's men barge into the Press Conference of Hooper, in NDTV. Hand to unload it somewhere, and what better place than the blogworld!

@ Wisedonkey
Its true. Public (including people like me) are greatly indifferent to other sports. And certainly that is a cause for concern, for those sports. I guess, extreme passion and extreme reaction go hand in hand. But to a very great extent, we are moving out of cricket. The current kids in their early teens are more into football than cricket, or atleast so it seems, based on the few I interact.

Thanks for your comments
Tamizh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
G Saimukundhan said…
Hi Thamizh

Thanks for your comment on my posts being "impressive". Can't understand the "flattery" part, though.

Tamizh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ketan said…
Hello Tamizh!

It is weird to be getting into a conversation and clarifying things thus, but there are two things I would like to say:

1. What I feel for Saimukundhan comes close to a 'feeling' called worship. Please don't consider it an 'act' of worshiping. For greatest clarity, you need to read my post called 'Worship', which has been linked in the very same blog post where you must have read about my feelings about Saimukundhan. But neither is my worship blind. I have disagreed with him in earnest on few issues.

2. It is even more childish to clarify this, but if you would read my responses to 'me...' carefully in the very same post, at least it was not me who was fighting there! :) Fighting for Saimukundhan would be silly! He's been gracious enough to lend me some of his time. I know him only through my contact over the internet. I have never heard his voice, and never seen him in person. So, there was no insecurity/envy involved on my part!

3. Oh and sorry for the third clarification, which should actually come from Saimukundhan, but nevertheless, I too will offer my take on it. Saimukundhan does not live to earn this adulation! Though he might cherish it, that is, if the admiration comes from those he values, but this admiration is never the motive behind how he is. The difference is subtle, but significant. :) He lives life on his terms (ideals), for his pleasure/fulfillment, and to achieve whatever be his own objectives. Had it been any other way, I would not have felt for him, what I do!

And well, I did understand why you said "flattered"! :)


Do not blush! :P

But if you do not understand, why you should have blushed in the first place, you could email me right away! And yes, if you do not understand, you get further pushed down from the current pedestal! :P

Tamizh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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