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Romantic Delusions

The recent mandate that AAP got in the Delhi Assembly Election has once again made me wonder where are we heading as a matured economy and country? The mumbo jumbo of the much abused "Religious Tolerance" can wait. That is, at the most, a political statement. And it barely has an impact on economics of a country affecting millions.

The kind of promises made by AAP is putting the electoral promises made by ADMK and DMK in Tamil Nadu to shame. I thought that only down South, people would be swayed by such "bribery", euphemistically called as "Election Freebies or Promises", till I saw the Yadav clan win the UP Election on the basis of precisely these kind of promises. And I realized that the day was not far away when even elections of Metros, generally dominated by the "Educated" and "Well Aware", will be fought on similar lines. (I don't hold Delhi anything more than a Metro. Its an overcrowded metro. The Assembly Election is slightly bigger than a Municipal Election and Kejriwal or whoever is the Delhi CM is a glorified Mayor.)

Among the reasons offered for the victory of AAP, two of the most prominent is the "Communal Angle" and another is "Pro Poor" angle. Again, as I said earlier, this post isn't about the Religion. This post is more about this "Pro Poor" angle of Government or Governance or Elections etc.

Pro-poor may sound almost romantic, but it isn't as great or divine as it is made out to be. And the pro-Industry isn't the evil it is propounded to be. I find most of the "pro-poor" initiatives to be ill conceived and the brain child of the deluded. It is at best an Election gimmick and a topic to talk on with self gratification. At worst, it is the evil of the meanest kind. One that will destroy humanity and human interaction.

Pro poor can only mean and refer to creation of opportunity to succeed, availability and accessibility to resources. It can never mean and result in promotion of the lazy. What is the end result of all these Free Laptops, Grinders, Mixies, Wifi, Electricity? In a country where the general productivity is patently low, and employabality is directly proportional the productivity, the burden to produce and work efficiently is already on fewer shoulders. And with these freebies, the cost will be ultimately borne by even fewer shoulders.

And such freebies being doled out to the public at large under the guise of "Pro Poor Initiatives" are anything except that. They are further taking out the productivity out of the workforce. When we start rewarding laziness and start glorifying protests of the poor against demolition of "illegally occupied / constructed buildings" as a fight for humanity, we are slowly kindling the animals in the productive souls to start hating the freeloaders or killing their hope forever of any relief from these burdens.

Why would somebody work if everything is free? What is there is to work for if there is free electricity, free grinder, free TV, free education, free transportation, free everything? If everything is free and readily available, our people aren't actually becoming productive for some other purposes, except for acting to produce what is decently called as "God's Gift".

Governance is not about such freebies. It is about creating meaningful legislation, and ensuring their compliance. It is about committing itself to guarantee that every productive person will earn his rightful and agreed reward. It is about creating an enabling environment to help its countrymen to realize their productivity and in turn help the Country grow. Governance is about sound economics, and never about spending more than the means to earn, or promising more than the earnings under your control. 

Governance can never be about such tacit bribing and inglorious pimping for future votes. If freebies and ratifying illegal occupation / construction are the only way to demonstrate their "pro-poor" initiatives, I wouldn't consider such motley group which does this as anything other than the group which acts as intermediary in a flesh trade. And it doesn't matter if the Government is of "Right" or "Left" or "Centre" or the "Confused'.


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