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Overview of the Posts in this Blog

It is always better to know what a Blog is all about. This is well served, if one knows what each of the blog label stands for. It also acts as an easy indexing tool, and adds a lot of clarity in the entire blogging process. What better way than to post a blog on "blog labels". This is it. The Blog Overview. Though for some labels, the posts are already there. For some labels, the posts are in WIP.

On the books / movies, both fiction and non-fiction, that moved me emotionally and intellectually. Don't mistake this label for a review, because it isn't. It is an ode to those fantastic piece of writings / film making, which, in a way, has shaped my thoughts and actions.It also includes those fine works of art, which had impressed me the most. Those which did otherwise, have a look at funny.

The obvious. My first real love. My Best Friend. My experiences and experiments with the Big Bad Machine. My Initiation, My Trips on my Bull et al.

Unmatched rambling. The source for millions of future theories and research works. What others scratch and wonder yonder years after, is presented to you now! An attempt are creating gyaan of different type that puts you in the zone.

Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport. My Second Love. Experiences and Experiments with this pocket dynamite on wheels. To the ton faster than Usain Bolt to the 100 Mark, it is the sizzler for petrol heads in India. At 7 to a litre, it is a guzzler too (sigh!)

My ramblings on what it is, what it can be. Some results of frustration. Some products of sleepless thoughts. Some reflection of my anger. Some expectations bordering on hope. All for a better tomorrow. Many thoughts waiting for that little action

Posts on Vijayakanth, TR among others. To lighten up my heart and laugh out loud.

An ode to real people around me, whose tact, traits, passion and intelligence has impressed and inspired me. In a way they are also my teachers. And they are all of either my age or younger than me. My friends and juniors who are role models and an inspiration in their own little way.(The not so younger ones are excluded, as invariably they do leave an indelible impression)

Some of the words and actions of a few people that have left an indelible mark on me. Some are words of wisdom that pours out so very naturally, for which I have been a witness. Some are actual events which I have been told.

My take on people and the life style.

From film personalities, to politicians to other public figures. Some worth celebrating, some not even worth deliberating. Some for your head, some for your heart. Some to laugh at, some to laugh for. The good, bad and ugly among the public figures, aka celebrities

The laundry box. That which doesn't fit anywhere else is dumped here, till I find an appropriate label.

My attempt at Story Telling. Mostly inspired from or based on what I see around me. Few are my imagination. 

Collection of funny incidents that happened to me, around me. Thrown in between the reality, is a bit of imagination. Names have been juggled around to maintain anonymity. Some of the incidents are a figment of my imagination. Thanks Pradeep Shankar, the label is a English translation of your favourite quote on all those real world duds.

Diary of my small little trips on my bike, my car and my bus and my train (somebody once told that government property is our property!)

Comments on absurdities of staggering proportions.


Ketan said…
LOL @ "somebody once told that government property is our property!"

Unfortunately, converse also largely holds as much true. :(

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Open Letter to the President, ICAI

Dear President,
The substance of this letter is the state of examination and evaluation system of our Institute's qualifying exams. The recently declared result is just the tipping point, and not the substance of this letter. Let this communique not be misconstrued as demanding a revamp merely because the results have been pathetically low. This open letter would have probably been drafted still, even if the results threw out an extremely student friendly outcome of say 100% Pass.
Before I move on to present my points, I would like to state that I have been a firm believer of assertion that you get only what you deserve. A person who got "100 Marks" deserved that "100 Marks". And a student who got "0 Marks", deserved that as well. As someone who got both the above extremes during my academic days, I have maintained the above assertion with a certain degree of understanding and conviction.
I also would like to make it clear right at the outset that, I ten…

Caste Masters

The UP Municipal election results are out and BJP has won. And people are going bonkers. At one end, BJP is taunting Congress for losing and losing very badly, and at the other side, Congress is highlighting that BJP has lost a seat / few seats in the constituency of Yogi Adithyanath / Keshav Prasad Maurya. Considering that this sounds more like that famous "Pass Persua Fail Perusa" from the movie Gentleman, I can happily ignore their rants as a joke.  It is the media coverage of the same is the one that gets my goat.
There is a moron who confidently concludes that "Yogi Adityanath has kept the BJP's vote bank of upper castes firmly with him as these results indicate.". And another moron has attributed BSP's victory to the support of Dalit-Muslims. Where do they get these inferences from? Are they having access to some information which even the Election Commission does not have? Has any one ever mentioned their caste when they vote? No one knows who an indiv…

Rebooting AdZap

Two years back, In an inter-school competition I had gone to judge the AdZap event, I could see that the quality had not at all improved over the period since I was a college student taking part in such events. It was the same mimicry stuff imitating some actors, or doing some rap stuff for promoting a product. The influence of movies and sports was immense. It was the same "brand-ambassador-sermon" kind of ads that was thrown at the judges. There was absolutely no originality or creativity. The entire tamasha sounded so stale that I was literally searching for fresh air. Realizing at the same time, how stupid and juvenile our performances would have been then.
If the performance was stale, the format of the event was more mind numbing. It had not changed at all! Atleast the performance of the students had new cine stars being imitated and latest movie dialogues being mouthed, whereas the formats and rules for the event had not undergone one bit of a change. The same one minu…