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No Place for Rationality in Hasan Suroor's Brain

As the word goes... if you hate a person, you will find a hundred reasons to hate him further, but the one that could endear him, is not the one you'd find ever. Hasan Suroor's pathological hatred for Modi is amply reflected in his barely unbiased piece in Firstpost titled as "No Job for Muslim MBA? This should come as no surprise in Modi's India".

The article is on the denial of job to a Muslim Management Graduate by some nut job in Mumbai, who reportedly sent an email to the young lad that read "Thanks for your application. We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates". As dumb and dirty as it appears on the part of the Company to refuse a candidate on account of hs religious background, it sounds sinister and downright bizarre on the part of morons like Suroor to link or associate every single ill that is plaguing this country with "Modi" or anything to do with "Hindutva".

Now the above reply could have been sent by a Company owned by a Christian as well. (It wasn't, to be sure). Wonder if Mr. Suroor would have ranted off such a cathartic post if he were to find one such instance. I can safely assume that he will barely move his ass or even sigh a bit. Obviously, his hatred for Modi or Hindutva is far bigger than his love for his religion or his sense of righteousness to defend many people who are discriminated against due to "n" number of different reasons.

Now, some where in the middle of the post, he rants this about his personal experience 

After all, covert discrimination against Muslims in jobs and housing is so commonplace that it is now widely accepted as a fact of life. And here I speak from personal experience. I was lucky on the job front. But I lost count of the number of times I was refused a house because of my religion—and often by some very friendly Hindu landlords, who insisted they had nothing against my being a Muslim. But they didn’t want meat-eaters as tenants.

What is this moron now talking about? Does this moron even realize that many Hindus refuse to let their house to another Hindu precisely on the above grounds? Now what does it make them? Anti-Hindu Hindus in Modi's India. Talking about bollocks, one can't get dumber than this. 

Quite a few people (including Hindus or Muslims) refuse to let their property to anyone who drinks or smokes or eats meat. Does that make them anti-Muslims? This is just the owner's preference. A private person's desire to lease out his property in a way which he deems fit. Isn't Mr. Suroor aware that there are good number of Muslim households where the owner does not let out his property to any person other than a Muslim? I can show him dozen such places back in my hometown. What should I do now? Cry my arse out without any hint of rationality? 

Fact of the matter is quite a few landlords are very clear about one thing - they let out their properties who share their (landlord's) preferences in terms of food or religion or smoking habits or other such thing. Many cases, it can be about religion. Most cases, it isn't. Assuming for a moment that cannibals do freely roam and exist in our country. Would Mr. Suroor let them in to his house a tenant? 

He vents out his frustration(!) somewhere towards end highlighting that the Company which refused the youngman's application had just one Muslim employee out of sixty one total employees. After stating else where that discrimination is existing for years in this country, this hater makes this profound statement, 
In a more inclusive society, companies are obliged to make sure that their staff composition reflects the cultural mix of the society in which they operate. But this is India. Modi’s India.
This is India. Okay. "Modi's India"? What is he trying to imply? If it were Rahul Gandhi's India, things would have been different? Or if it had been Md. Ali Jinnah's India, it would have been better? or if it had been Osama's India, it would have been more beneficial? What is he trying to convey? These kind of statements, by someone who is as popular and respected as Mr. Suroor (I used to lookout specifically for his writings in the "The Hindu" and enjoy his writings), are meant only to "influence" the public opinion, and push his hatred among the masses.

Sadly, he isn't the only one. We do have quite a few media men and women who indulge in such third rate, gutter journalism, where personal bias is the only reason for such antipathy, and arguments aren't entirely or substantially based on hard facts. Its their plain refusal to approach an issue with any semblance of rationality that affects their credibility, rather than their religious background. 

Modi is not above criticism, nor is the BJP Led Government at the Centre. One can objectively point out atleast four or five flaws or shortcomings in their work over the past one year, including the contentious taxation issue and FDI in Multi Brand Retail. There are people who criticize based on hard facts, linking them to specific decisions or policy flaws, and you have no choice to but accept them, unless you are a die hard Modi Fanatic. But then, such critiques are based on objective assessment, giving the devil where its due and lampooning it where it is appropriate.

But when rationality takes a backseat, and objectivity goes out of the window even before the first sentence of an article ends, then one can no longer consider such articles (such as Hasan Suroor's, but not limited to this), as an "Opinion Born out Objective Assessment", but can only be regarded as prejudiced hyperbole born out of pathological hatred. These are precisely the reasons, why more and more people are staying away from the Mainstream Media, which is irreparably affected by personal bias and commercial interest, and instead rely upon smaller and independent Media network. Not that these smaller ones are unbiased. They don't hate anyone so badly, that they'd rather be caught butt naked banging someone, but not caught accepting or praising one good thing done by their hate target.

And sadly, this is India's Mainstream Media and these kind of men are its Knights.


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