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Being a CA

Conversation between an Entrepreneur Engineer and his CA

"My knowledge in accounting is better than yours on Engineering. You know that. What's the use of a CA? Do you guys produce? Do you guys contribute to profits? Do you atleast move? I am the engine of growth of my country. People at my office are its wheels. We help the country move. We help it progress. What about you? Do you guys even light up ever or smile? The most useless staff on my payroll is my accountant, and the most useless person on my vendor list is the Chartered Accountant. You guys talk like a sheep telling not to do this or not to do that. What are you guys? My advisor or my grand ma?"

"Tch. Tch. Tch.... Imagine a car without a brake and a stubborn steering, and an engine that is clocking few thousand rpms and the wheels spinning at around one hundred plus kilometres, and heading towards a tree or a rock or a truck... You get the point? We are the steering and the break. We help you not just in moving, but moving in the right direction and also stop you when there is a risk. Don't you need a braking system when you are heading  We are your GPS device who can help you navigate better during troubled time. We are the colourful indicators on your display / dash which lights up if something goes wrong, so that you can quickly address the trouble and start moving again. 

"What do you think we are? Dancers in an item song to gyrate and add masala to your business? Or disco lights to add glitz to your dark business and make it look cool? If you want fun, go lose yourself in Bangkok. If you want adventure, take a bungee jump or do rafting. If you don't want to listen to us on the risk involved in your actions, go take a ride, and get hit. But don't tell us that we didn't warn you.

"We help you grow. We help you know if you have grown. We water your growth. We help you realize the difference between profits and growth. We are your insurance. We are your early warning systems. We are that steering in your car. We are that harness in your bugnee jump. 

"Last heard that quite a few grandmother's recipes are becoming the in-thing in the food world and her advices and solutions are becoming management mantras. So if you think we are your grandma, start listening to us before it is late. We are your advisors, troubleshooters, shield, safety kit and a lot more rolled into one.

"We are CAs."


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